Politics: Victim or Leader – Which Will You Choose?

As a citizen and leader, do you believe we can influence the conversation in the last few months of the presidential campaign, as well as in the political process at the state and local levels?

From my perspective, the entire political system is an anathema to a governance process that will move us forward.  The political rhetoric, besides focusing on purely partisan dogma, fails to put forth a thoughtful path to the future. The current debate (versus dialogue) focuses, at best, upon problem solving which usually results in recreating the problems of the past.

What is needed is possibility thinking. We must ask, as citizens and leaders:  What do we want?  What do we need?  Can and should government support those two things? If so, how should government be involved?

Can we agree to ask our political candidates (at all levels of government) four questions, all related to the four principles of Sacred Leadership:

1. What is your platform and how does your platform promote the “greatest good?” How will you promote what is good for the entire country versus what is good for you, your constituency or your donors? (At this point I won’t even ask what is good for the world.)

2. What are your core values?  Will you hold yourself and your campaign accountable to those values?  Will you step down if you do not honor the values you profess?

3. How will you enlist and engage us in the process of governing?  How will you sustain our engagement once elected?

4. How will you handle the issue of dealing with today’s problems while also considering and protecting the future our children and grandchildren will inherit?  This means considering the 2nd and 3rd order consequences of your actions.


Do you believe that, acting together, we can begin to alter the politcal discussion and therefore the political system?

Which do you choose – victim or leader?

If you choose to lead, perhaps the best way to begin is to answer the above four questions  for yourself.

A second step is to share this post with your friends and encourage them to participate in the discussion?

Let me hear from you – join the conversation!

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One Response to Politics: Victim or Leader – Which Will You Choose?

  1. David says:

    My honest feeling is that the noise generated by the current two-party political machine along with the support of major news outlets and America’s fascination with what they have to sell leaves me without a voice. I do believe that with preparation and a planned campaign of voices pushing these questions together we can make an impact to promote ideas and responsibility of sacred leadership. Finding sacred leader willing to enter politics will be a challenge in and of itself. The hope that current politicians would move to embrace the ideas of sacred leadership seems unlikely if not impossible, but I don’t write anything off as impossible. I think these questions are a fantastic litmus test. Any career politician (any politician that I’m currently aware of on the national or state level) asked question number two would most certainly avoid answering the question.

    One thing is certain. Whether or not we are able to impact this election we need to start making our voice hurt now. You’re writing very clearly communicates and approach to choosing our leaders that I believe will make a difference, and I have already given out two copies of Sacred Leadership – Leading for the Greatest Good along with sharing the link to this blog over social networks. I hope others will do the same.

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