Where is the Wisdom?

I can’t believe our “leaders” have agreed on the this economic stimulus package.  It is just a transfer of money from those making under $95,000 to those making less.  What do we as taxpayers and a society get for our money. NOTHING!  A few people will pay their bills, some will save but most will just buy more junk they don’t need and can’t afford.  It just encourages more irresponsible behavior on the part of our citizenry.  Think what this $150,000 billion would buy if it went to renewing our aging infrastructure, increasing medical research etc.  Jobs would be created, materials and equipment would be purchased and society would have something to show for the investment.

When will we get leaders with the moral courage to do the right thing for the common good of our society!  I have yet to see any of them on the campaign trail.

Remember Sacred Leaders not only deal with the present but also keep on eye on the long term needs of the commons.  In this case our leaders have done neither.

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6 Responses to Where is the Wisdom?

  1. rich says:

    Absolutely! Right on! Give them hell! Your question asked at the beginning, there is no such thing as wisdom in the vast majority of our leaders!


  2. judy says:

    Right ON! And well said. But is ANYONE listening? I want to help but how? I bet there are literally 100,000 that feel as I do. Do I take this statement door to door and get people to agree to contact the Airheads in office with their voice? Been tried- doesn’t work.
    Seems to me the person who can come up with a way to have government FOR the people BY the people would rid us of most government entities and deserve a Nobel peace prize to boot. Anyone? Anyone?


  3. Susie says:

    I agree! That’s what I was thinking when I read about this. Why aren’t we putting this money somewhere where it can make a long lasting difference in our lives?! Susie

  4. tom says:

    Go get ’em buddy, good write up!


  5. Kaleb says:

    Excellent insight!

  6. David says:

    Yes. Forget giving them a fishing pole. Let’s just give them a sardine.

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